Kontrowers is not a random name for a publishing house. It conceals an idea and reveals the purpose. Both are pretty straightforward however, and almost instantly surface as the main goal of the company.
Yes, at Kontrowers we deal with controversial stuff, i.e. ideas that are not too simple to grasp, and not too clear at the first glance as well as concepts that are neither white nor black. We love things that are so convoluted and tricky too define that only render into controversy.
We are not interested in ordinary and obvious topics that are clear cut, shallow and simple as such. Neither do we bother with tough and heavy ones that have already been given sufficient attention and through analysis have been grouped into corresponding trends and styles or assigned to canons leaving no room for guessing or independent opinion for that matter. Classifying things as good or wrong, in our approach, is considered boring and exploited to the point of exhaustion. So is juxtaposing such notions as Beauty and Ugliness, Truth and Lie, or Virtue and Sin... These are all universal and broadly discussed concepts ruling our daily life. It is not our thrust then to implement or teach them here. We leave that to others, like i.e. publishers specializing in educational or religious literature. We will merely hover around them, from time to time, biting greedily at the greasy flesh of the least digestible topic - those nobody else has thought of exploring for the luck of guts.

Piotr Wojciechowski

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